Check Out Our Art Galleries, Located Here in Cleveland Heights

Have you ever wondered why workplaces, doctor’s offices, and other spaces are often decorated with art? That is because art can help improve creativity, liven up mundane walls, and promote productivity.

River Flower Wellness is excited to bring some of these benefits to you by incorporating the work of talented artists into an art gallery, located here in Cleveland. Learn more about our multifaceted facility below!

Our Cleveland Art Gallery

River Flower Wellness is home to two art galleries, one permanent and one rotating. These galleries are open to the public and no appointment is necessary to view them. All pieces are for sale so let us know if you would like something to be hanging up on a wall near you!

Discover Our Permanent Art Gallery

On permanent display in our art gallery, you will find the art and photography of Jon Passow. The bulk of the collection is his large-format fractal artwork. However, we also display his experimental photography work.

Jon is the world’s only large-format fractal artist and through a very special production technique he is able to produce fractals of any size at full resolution – can you imagine a 300-dpi fractal on a 32-story building? Jon can make it happen. His photography is made using various experimental techniques such as redscale film and pinhole cameras. River Flower Wellness is excited to feature his work in our brand-new facility!

Enjoy Our Pop-Up Art Gallery

Every three months, we will have a new gallery opening with a new artist feature. This allows us to highlight the work of a variety of talented artists. Be sure to check back each quarter, as we will be featuring a new artist’s work!

In our upcoming art gallery, we will be showcasing these artists:

Leigh Brooklyn – Born just outside Cleveland, Ohio in 1987 and trained at both the Columbus College of Art and Design and the The Cleveland Institute of Art. Brooklyn has won a variety of awards for her art since 2004. She recently won the American Illustration Award, AI 40, where her work was one of the 426 winners selected out of over 7000 entries. Placing her work among the top illustrators and artists in the country. Her work has been displayed in galleries, museums, and art fairs around the country including the LA Art Show and the Makeshift Museum in Los Angeles, the U.S. Capitol Building and Corcoran Gallery in Washington D.C., The Alliance and Lichtundfire Galleries in New York, and the Diane von Furstenberg Studio

Michael WeilMichael Weil has over 30 years of camera work, photography education and art appreciation urging him on. He has a PhD in art history with a concentration in photo history from Case Western Reserve University, and he teaches art history at the Cleveland Institute of Art. His artwork has been shown in exhibitions around Cleveland and has been acquired by the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Cleveland Clinic, among other private collections.

Past Artists That Have Been Featured

Below, you will find some of our artists that have been on display in our Cleveland Heights pop-up art gallery.

  • Ron Johnston – Mr. Johnston is an accomplished oil painter from Cleveland. His work features landscapes, figures, and still lifes, as he focuses on realist tradition. Featured in national shows and private galleries around the country, his work is something you won’t want to miss!
  • Herb Ascherman, Jr – A fourth generation Clevelander, Herb is internationally recognized for his photography. Over his 40+ year career, herb’s work has been exhibited and commercially published throughout the US, Europe, Japan and India.
  • Akihiko Kuroda – Mr. Kuroda is a Japanese painter who specializes in creating silhouettes with line strokes. He is based in Paris, France and we are incredibly excited to have his work on display in our Cleveland pop-up art gallery.
  • John Hoyland – Mr. Hoyland often produces colorful, nonrepresentational paintings that are titled using their numerical date of completion. This leaves the interpretation of their ambiguous forms open to the viewer to appreciate. Be sure to stay on the lookout for when you will be able to check out the work of this abstract painter at our art gallery!
  • Roberto Matta – Mr. Matta stood as one of Chile’s best-known painters in the 20th century. His work demonstrated that he was an exceptional abstract expressionist and surrealist artist. We are honored to have his work on display and are so excited for you all to enjoy it!

The Benefits Associated with Viewing Work in Art Galleries

While you wait for your services, after you finish a session, or when you just want to enjoy the work of professional artists, checking out our art galleries can provide you with a variety of benefits.

  • Stimulate your imagination – When you view art, you open your mind to new possibilities and experience the world in new ways. You can dive deeply into the story of each piece and the different symbols and elements that are composed within.
  • Increase your awareness – Art makes you appreciate details. By viewing pieces in art galleries, you will find and concentrate on both small and large components, which can translate into the way in which you view the world at large. Additionally, it can improve your ability to recognize patterns and make sense of shapes.
  • Improve your problem-solving skills – Since art is known to highlight diverse perspectives, provide challenges, and encourage creativity, it can influence the way problems are solved by promoting critical thinking and looking at the world in a new way.
  • Reduce stress – Consistently fighting stress, anxiety, or other emotions can be very taxing for the body and mind. Viewing the art in our pop-up gallery can help release this stress and relax your mental and spiritual being.

About Our Cleveland Art Galleries and Wellness Center

Personal wellness is an essential element of self-care that is often overlooked. River Flower Wellness was born from a desire to enhance well-being through services that encourage relaxation and healing. With services like massage therapy, Reiki, yoga, and more, our facility will be your oasis for restorative remedies.

Whether you need a reset of the body, mind, and soul with our services or want to unwind in our Cleveland art gallery, you will leave our facility feeling clarity and wellness.

Get Excited for Our Art Gallery and Beyond!

We are so excited for you to experience the art we are exhibiting from so many talented artists.

Be sure to schedule an appointment for one of our services or contact us with questions.