Have you tried our Yoga Classes in greater Cleveland yet?

Yoga has become quite popular and one of the biggest reasons for that is because of everything it can offer. Regardless of your age or how active you may be, yoga’s variability means it can fit your needs. It can be used as a challenging workout, or it can assist you in your everyday life, helping you feel great and function better.

River Flower Wellness has a wide selection of classes depending on what you’re searching for. Whether it’s deep breathing, strength building, improvement in flexibility, or just finding a balance in body and mind, we are here to help.

We are proud to teach various styles of yoga classes in Cleveland Heights, with some including:
Yoga basics – This class is perfect for anyone who is attending their first yoga studio in Greater Cleveland. Designed for beginners, in this class you’ll be taught proper alignment for general yoga poses, prepping you for future classes. Plus, you’ll have time to work on increasing flexibility, range of motion, and strength in this class.

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