CBD Massage in Greater Cleveland with Lake Flower Wellness

A CBD add-on for your massage offers a number of unique benefits to its recipients that help enhance the massage experience. At Lake Flower Wellness, our owner and head therapist, Jon Passow, is highly educated and experienced when it comes to not just massage therapy, but also cannabis therapy as well. Adding CBD to your massage can bring with it addition benefits and also boost the effectiveness of the massage itself!

Why Choose CBD Massage?

We use a full spectrum CBD salve (more about that in the next section) for our CBD massage that contains 500mg of total cannabinoids in the 2oz jar that also contains healing botanicals. The vast majority of massage studios in the greater Cleveland Area are using a CBD Isolate that contains 100mg of only CBD in an 8 oz bottle.

While CBD alone can have a wide range of health benefits, Full Spectrum CBD has been shown in studies to be much more effective for pain relief, anti-seizure effects, nausea and muscle spasm relief, less anxiety and its anti-inflammatory properties.

Full Spectrum CBD is a more holistic, complete concentration, containing not just CBD but other non-psychedelic cannabinoids, 0.3% or less of THC, flavonoids, and terpenes. Each of these components come with their own set of medical benefits and also allow the famed entourage effect to take place. The entourage effect describes how all the compounds that make up medicinal cannabis work in synergy to enhance the positive effects of medicinal cannabis.

What Product Do We Use?

CBD Massage Cleveland

At Lake Flower Wellness, we use a local Full Spectrum CBD salve called Cuyahoga Cannabaceae for our CBD Massage at our Beachwood massage therapy location.

Cuyahoga Cannabaceae contains organic ingredients, healing botanicals, bees wax, full spectrum CBD oil, olive oil, and NO essential oils. This makes the product hypoallergenic so that those with sensitive skin and issues like Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome are able to utilize this product without any fears of a reaction.

The botanicals are whole plant sourced that are then infused into the olive oil over the course of 9 days. This also brings to the product properties of being anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, pulling and penetrating, reductions in scar formations, and also reduces pain.

Is CBD Legal and Will I Get High?

In Ohio, CBD is legal to sell and use. To be considered a “legal hemp product”, it must contain 0.3% or less of THC, which our CBD salve meets these conditions.

While you may feel relaxation, calmness, and a reduction in your symptoms, you will not get high from a CBD massage. CBD itself is non-psychoactive and actually mediates the psychoactivity of THC due binding with teh CB1 receptors. In Layman’s terms: If you take too much THC, take come CBD to help level off the high.

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