Myofascial Release Massage in Greater Cleveland with Lake Flower Wellness

Myofascial Release massage offers a number of unique benefits to its recipients. At Lake Flower Wellness, our team is highly trained to provide you with a therapists offers a slow and controlled massage to help break up fascial restrictions and adhesions. But myofascial release massage offers so much more than pain relief – it helps with range of motion, old injuries that still act up, chronic postural issues, and so much more!

Why Myofascial Release Massage?

Therapists trained in Myofascial release use extremely light pressure that actually changes the state of fascial from solid to liqiud (via fascia’s thixotropic properties). Once this is achieved, the restrictions can be broken up. When performed in this way, there is almost zero discomfort during the session. Benefits of an myofascial release massage in Greater Cleveland include:

  • Increased movement of blood and lymph fluid
  • Improving posture, decreasing pain, and freeing bundled nerves
  • Providing deep relief without discomfort

In addition, myofascial release increases flexibility, reduces chronic pain, and relieves muscle tension with almost no residual soreness.

What is Fascia?

Myofascial release breaks up fascia and fascial restrictions, but what is fascia anyways? For that, we turn to our owner, Jon Passow. “Think of fascia as the Saran wrap of the body. It surrounds bones, muscles, nerves blood vessels, internal organs, and even your skin. It essentially holds you together.”

Jon continues, “Just like how Saran wrap sticks to itself and is hard to pull apart, fascia does the same thing when you have an injury. When that happens, we call that a fascial adhesion. These adhesions can cause many issues like limited range of motion of a joint, reduced blood flow, postural issues, and more.”

“What we do here at our Beachwood massage location is work off the current understanding of how to break up fascial restrictions and getting our clients back to feeling great! We stay ontop of the latest research and utilize a very gentle but effective approach to breaking up fascia. We hope you think of us when it comes to wanting to feel pain free.”

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